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Our animals

Meet our cows, pony and more

On our farm, you will meet suckler cows with their calves, cats, rabbits, goats and our pony La Luna.
La Luna is a lovely 30 years old Dartmoor pony mare, and there's nothing that will make her loose her calm. Horse-loving children are welcome to groom and feed her. Because of her high age it is no longer possible to ride her.

Our herd of suckler cows spend the summer with their calves out on the meadows and we need to keep an eye on them.

Our Goat "Baerli" is the best friend of Pony Luna and shares with her stable and paddock.

Our goats Gretl and Peter are - true to their goat nature - a bit temperamental, voracious and very stubborn. They keep La Luna company on the pasture and in the stable.

Our farm cats farm cats normally go their own ways but sometomes they are up for a cuddle session.

And our farm dog "Mambo" is always thankful for beeing cuddeld.

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